A letter from our Patriarch about the upcoming Convocation in 2018:

A Holy Convocation 2018

I believe the last Convocation for Clergy held in Malverne, New York, was not only anointed, but was a breakthrough moment for many who work day after day in God’s Vineyard. I believe the last Church Growth Conference in Orlando, Florida was also a major breakthrough and an advance in the Kingdom. More importantly, everyone I talked with, especially the Bishops, confirmed that something significant has been happening in the spiritual realm. It is now, in many places, being manifested in the natural realm.

I am now calling the entire Charismatic Episcopal Church of North America—every man, woman, and child—to come to Henderson, Nevada on July 10-12, 2018, where we will gather in Holy Convocation to worship Jesus and listen to the voice of the Lord.

Why Henderson, Nevada?

First, we have a Church in Henderson that is undergoing a spiritual awakening. It is a small, but growing congregation that is reaching into the surrounding community and is having an impact on the neighborhoods, families, and particularly young men. The Rector and the people of St. Paul’s have moved from a storefront into their own building.

They are excited about hosting this convocation and welcoming us to their community.

Second, Henderson is a family vacation destination. There are water parks, shows, the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and literally hundreds of things that a family can do together.

Third, Henderson is easy to get to by plane. Henderson is outside of Las Vegas. Every city has a flight to Las Vegas, and many have flights several times a day. Also, since July is off-season, the flights should be reasonable. Though a long drive for some, the trip to Henderson, Nevada can be a vacation in an of itself. In fact, Cathy and I have considered doing the drive and seeing the “fly over” parts of the country.

Fourth, room and board are inexpensive. The Hotel where we are staying is giving us phenomenal rooms for $60 a night. And, like most family vacation spots, there are affordable restaurants and fast food establishments everywhere you look.

Fifth, the Hotel has offered us space where we can worship and meet. This will keep the expenses of the Convocation at a minimum. In addition, the hotel has a pool, places to gather, and good restaurants.

But most importantly, I believe God wants us to go to Henderson, Nevada so He can “meet us in the desert.” And then God wants to lead us out of the desert and into the place of our inheritance. Our Father wants us to gather for a season of Eucharistic worship, of prophetic teaching and ministry, and of fellowship around the Bishops.

The Church in the United States, and not just the CEC, finds itself in difficult times. Over the past couple of decades, our country has become more and more divided. At the same time, the country is turning farther and farther away from its Christian roots. Fewer people are attending Church, particularly among the Millennials. Traditional values are being uprooted and tossed aside. The Bible is no longer the moral standard for behavior. I believe things are going to get worse as people turn away from God.

I also believe that as it gets darker, there will come upon our nation a holy desperation—a thirst and a hunger for the living God. And God is raising up a people who will be ready for the harvest of souls. A church that is rooted in the ancient faith, teaching the ancient ways, and speaking into a twenty-first century people.

I want to challenge your faith. I know for many, your first response is “It costs too much.” Or, “It’s too far away.” Or, “I am not sure we will be able to get the time off.” Then, “My people will not come.” Do you think those are the words and thoughts of a people of faith? Do you think those are the thoughts of the Holy Spirit who is calling God’s people together? Pray and increase your faith and the faith of your people. Begin to speak now in the expectation of God about the phenomenal events about to unfold. Be prepared to have it written in your heart for decades to come: “I was in Henderson when God moved upon the Church.”

For More Information, and the Convocation Webpage, Click Here

Under His mercy,

The Most Rev. Craig W. Bates,
Patriarch, ICCEC